Concentration in World Religions, World Literature

In addition to taking ENCR 8100, students fulfill a distinctive set of course requirements focussed on the intersections of literature and religion. Students are expected to complete the three-credit course "Introduction to World Religions, World Literatures" and three semesters of the one-credit "Proseminar in World Religions, World Literatures”; a minimum of six credits in a single religious tradition; a minimum of six credits in the English Department in the literature of a single language community (either in one historical period or two consecutive historical periods) or in the literature of a single pair of language communities within one historical period; and a minimum of three credits that involve the reading of scriptural texts.  A roster of eligible courses is approved by the faculty advisory committee for the concentration in World Religions, World Literatures, and additional courses may be approved by the student’s advisor. For more information, contact Professor Elizabeth Fowler (