Optimal English courses for future teachers of English

Any of the many ways of fulfilling the English major requirements may be useful for future English teachers: your goal should be to develop broad expertise in the history of literature and language in English. But future teachers may want to select courses that allow them to reflect on literature and language in ways especially usefully for teaching and that foreground texts commonly taught in secondary schools. If you are enrolled in, or are considering applying to, the Curry School’s BA/MT program in Secondary English, you should consult that program’s list of requirements, which aligns to some extent with the list below.

The list below is not an alternative list of requirements but rather a suggestion of courses that might be considered in relation to the major requirements.

  • ENPG 5400/EDIS 5500, the Counterpoint Seminar, currently co-taught in most spring terms by members of the English Department and Curry School; the course reflects on the last course in the required ENGL sequence (ENGL 3820) as the stuff of high school teaching;
  • a Shakespeare course at the 3000-level or higher;
  • a course in language and/or literacy such as ENLS 3030 (“History of the English Language”) ;
  • courses in Post-1900 American literature, World Anglophone literature, and non-Anglophone literature in translation.

Curry regularly offers EDIS 3400 (Teaching English in Secondary Schools 1), which may be  considered for elective credit towards the English major, as counting as one of the two permitted courses from outside of the English Department. The following courses may also be of interest to future teachers of English and might be considered for use as one of those two permitted courses.

Secondary Education

  • EDIS 5401 Teaching English in Secondary Schools 2
  • EDIS 5210 Introduction to Language Development
  • EDIS 5221 Reading Development
  • EDIS 5410 Young Adult Literature
  • EDIS 5435 Writing Across the Content Areas
  • EDIS 5470 ESOL Assessment and Curriculum Design
  • EDIS 5480 Second Language Acquisition and Modern Language Teaching Methods: preK-12
  • EDIS 5500 Fiction Writing for Teachers
  • EDIS 5500 Multi-genre Writing for Teachers
  • EDIS 5710 Content Area Reading
  • EDIS 5760 Adolescent Literacy
  • EDLF 5011 Adolescent Learning and Development


  • AMST 2462 Language and New Media
  • AMST 2460 Language in the U.S.
  • ANTH 2400 Language and Culture
  • ANTH 2410 Sociolinguistics
  • ANTH 2420 Language and Gender
  • ANTH 2430 Languages of the World
  • ANTH 3490 Language and Thought
  • EDIS 5423 English Linguistics
  • LNGS 2220 History and Structure of Black English
  • LNGS 2240 Southern American English
  • LNGS 3250 Introduction to Linguistic Theory and Analysis
  • LING 3400/7400 Structure of English
  • PSYC 4110 Psycholinguistics