Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2002
M.A. University of Virginia, 1995
B.A. Yale, 1989


Edited Works

Co-editor, with Rebecca Sanchez, special issue of Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies on representations of deafness 15:2 (2021).


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Encyclopedia Entries

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Recent Presentations

  • “Anthologizing ASL Literature,” Modern Language Association convention, Philadelphia PA (Jan. 2024)
  • “Frank Bowe, Deaf Culture, and Section 504,” Hofstra University (March 2023).
  • Respondent, New Literary History virtual forum on Animality/Posthumanism/Disability (Mar. 2021).
  • “The Impact of Disability History: A Roundtable Discussion,” University of Virginia (Dec. 2019).
  • “War, Neoliberalism, and Disability Human Rights in Two Chris Abani Novels,” Mellon Humanities Fellow Symposium Series, University of Virginia (Feb. 2018).
  • “Reading Disability and Gender in the Global South,” Disability at the Intersection symposium, University of Virginia (Feb. 2018).
  • "On Becoming Wise, in Goffman’s Sense," Disability across the Disciplines symposium, University of Virginia (Feb. 2016).
  • "Writing the Hearing Line," Gallaudet University (Oct. 2015).
  • "Colonialism, Disability, and J. M. Coetzee." Society for Disability Studies conference, Atlanta, GA (June 2015).
  • "Disability and Trauma in Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory." Society for Disability Studies conference, Minneapolis, MN (June 2014).
  • "Disability Studies and U.Va.," Disabling Normalcy symposium, University of Virginia (Feb. 2014).
  • "Figuring Disability in Postcolonial Literature," English Dept. Faculty Lecture, University of Virginia (Feb. 2014).
  • Roundtable participant, "Disability Discourses in Latin America: Academy and Activism," Modern Language Association convention, Chicago IL (Jan. 2014).
  • "Deaf Literature, Medicine, and the Paradoxes of Identity"
    —Medical Center Hour, University of Virginia (Feb. 2013).
    —Modern Language Association convention, Boston MA (Jan. 2013).
  • “Midnight’s Children and the Disabled Subaltern,” Modern Language Association convention, Seattle, WA (Jan. 2012).
  • “Critiquing Ableism?  Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart,” Modern Language Association convention, Seattle, WA (Jan. 2012).
  • “Signs of Change: ASL and the Academy.” Decomposing Disability symposium, the George Washington University, Washington, DC (Nov. 2011).
  • “’She was Plumb Deef and Dumb, Huck!’ Literature and Disability.” Foundational Texts and Traditions conference, Peking University, Beijing, China (Aug. 2011).
  • “Borges in the Mind’s Eye,” Society for Disability Studies conference, San Jose, CA (June 2011).
  • “Writing Deaf Identity in Nineteenth-Century America”
    —The Edmund Lyon Memorial Lecture Series, National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology (Oct. 2009)
    —Brown University (Sept. 2009)
    —Faculty lecture, Colonnade Club, University of Virginia (Feb. 2009)
    —The University of Pennsylvania (Oct. 2008)
    —Boston University (April 2007)

Selected Awards and Professional Activity

  • Co-director, Disability Studies Initiative at U.Va. (2015-2022)
  • Editorial Board, Sign Language Studies (1999-present), Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies (2017-present), and Disability Studies Quarterly (2010-12)
  • MLA Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession (2003-2006)
  • Coordinator, Annual ASL/Deaf Culture Lecture Series (1995; 2003-14; co-coordinator 1996-99)
  • Finalist, 1998 Seven Society Graduate Fellowship for Superb Teaching, University of Virginia
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