Chronology of the PhD Program


1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year


Student has a non-teaching fellowship.

Student teaches 1+1: ENWR 1510.

Student teaches 1+1: sections of a large lecture course.

Subject to dept. needs, student teaches 1+1 with (occasionally) the option to teach 2+0, but not 0+2; teaching may include an introductory literature seminar.

Student has a non-teaching fellowship.


Fall: Student takes ENGL 8800 plus 3 graded courses.
Spring: Student takes 3 graded courses plus the Pedagogy Seminar.

Fall: Student takes 2 graded courses plus 2 3-unit courses of non-topical research (ENGL 9998).  Spring: Student takes 3 graded courses plus 3 units of non-topical research (ENGL 9998).

Fall semester --  12 hours of NTR ENGL 9998 + Audit or sit-in on one graduate-level course.  Spring semester --ENGL 9995 (Dissertation seminar) + 9 hours of NTR ENGL 9998 + Audit or sit-in on one graduate-level course.  Both official audits and authorized sit-ins require the instructor's permission;

Fall: Student registers for 12 NTR units (ENGL 9998). Spring: Student registers for 12 NTR units (ENGL 9999).

Student registers each semester for 12 credits of dissertation research (ENGL 9999).



By May 10, student submits the orals form proposing two exam areas and approved lists for both areas.

By October 30, student takes 2-hr oral exam. Foreign language requirement must be met beforehand.


Dissertation Committee, Prospectus, Progress toward Completion



Prospectus approval by May or June

Dissertation writing begins (with the standard expectation of completing a good chapter by the end of fourth year).

The writing continues (see previous entry).






In the Spring semester of the fourth  year if not in the Fall of the fifth year the student gives  an oral Thesis presentation

In the Fall semester of the fifth year if not in the fourth, student gives an oral thesis-presentation


Student demonstrates proficiency in a foreign language.

Student demonstrates proficiency in second foreign language or mastery in a single foreign language.


In early fall, student may wish to canvass external dissertation-year grants.

Student consults with committee and Placement Director about job market.

Additional notes: 1+1 indicates one course taught each term; 2+0 indicates two courses taught in the fall term and none in the spring term; 0+2 indicates no courses taught in the fall term and two in the spring.