Placement of UVA English PhDs from 2008 onwards


Please note: during the period covered by these records, although this is not included in the lists below, we have each year been able to offer 3-5 competitive one-year lectureships (with full benefits) in the department to recent English PhDs; these give jobseekers the opportunity to hone their application profile.     



Tenure-Track Assistant Professorships 

Wooster College (Medieval/Renaissance) 

UCLA (Contemporary Latinx Poetry) 

Northeastern University (Hemispheric American, Environmental Humanities) 

Franklin College (20th and 21st-Century Trans Poetics) 

University of Mississippi School of Law (American Law and Literature) 

Yale University (19th-Century American, Indigenous literature)  

University of Georgia (Asian American and Pacific Islander Literary Studies) 


Other Academic Positions 


Bucknell University, Director of Academic Programming at Open Discourse Coalition (Renaissance) 

Emory University, Director of First-Year Writing and Associate Teaching Professor (20th Century American) 

Barnard College, Associate Director of Academic Communication (Contemporary Global) 


Visiting Assistant Professorships 


Reed College (19th-Century and 20th-Century American Poetry) 


Renewable Lectureships 


St. John’s College, Santa Fe (Modern and Contemporary Poetry) 

Tulane University (Renaissance) 


Postdoctoral Fellowships 


Research Fellow, The University of Edinburgh (Restoration) 

CRRES Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University-Bloomington (Asian American and Pacific Islander Literary Studies) 





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships

Fort Lewis College (Renaissance Literature)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (20th and 21st Century African American Literature)


Non Tenure Track Assistant Professorships

McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia (Romantic and Victorian)


Visiting Assistant Professorships

College of Wooster, Ohio (Renaissance; renewed from previous year)

Grinnell College (Medieval; renewed from previous year)

Kenyon College (18th Century) (renewed from last year)

Villanova University (20th Century Poetry)

Washington and Lee University (Medieval; Spring 2022)



Renewable Lectureships

Babson College (20th Century, rhetoric)

Fort Lewis College (Medieval)

Harvard University (20th Century and contemporary)



Postdoctoral Fellowships

kleine Formen ("small forms") Research Group at Humboldt University of Berlin (19th-Century American Literature)

University of Delaware (Drama)

University of Toronto’s Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies (20th and 21st Century African American Literature)

University of Virginia (two fellowships were awarded to recent graduates specializing in Medieval literature and in Renaissance literature)

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (20th Century/Contemporary Poetry) (Declined)



Advisor for the MA in Medical Sciences, Loyola University (18th Century)

Program Manager at the Rare Book School (Renaissance)


High School English Teaching

The Covenant School (Charlottesville, VA) (Modern and Contemporary American)




Tenure Track Professorship:

Middle Georgia State University (Modernism/Generalist)


Non Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Boston College (19th century American, disability theory)

Pennsylvania State University (contemporary ethnic American literatures)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

College of Wooster, Ohio (Renaissance literature; renewed from previous year)

Kenyon College, Ohio (18th century literature)


Renewable Lectureships:

Harvard University (History and Literature program) (contemporary American ethnic literature, Global literature)

University of Alabama (medieval)

Boston University (19th century British and Global literature)  


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard’s Mahindra Center for the Humanities  (modern and contemporary global literature, environmental humanities)   

Shannon Fellowship UVA  (global modern and contemporary poetics)


UVA postdoctoral preceptorships:

(The four recipients included two medievalists, one Renaissance specialist and one contemporary global Anglophone fictions specialist.)


High School English Teaching:

Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC (contemporary American fiction)


Beyond Academia:

Institutional Giving Manager at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia (drama)





Visiting Assistant Professorships:

College of Wooster, Ohio (Renaissance literature; renewed from previous year)

University of Oklahoma Iowa (Drama)



Renewable Lectureship/Assistant Director of the Writing Studio, Duke University (Rhetoric and Composition / Contemporary American Literature).


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowship, Brown University Library (African American and ethnic American literatures) 

Mellon Fellowship, Grinnell College, Iowa (medieval literature) 

Postdoctoral fellow, UVA Engagements Program (Modern & Contemporary literature, DH)

Monticello College Foundation postdoctoral Fellowship,  Newberry Library, Chicago (18th century British literature) 

ACLS Fellowship, University of Kentucky (post-colonial literature/digital humanities)

Literary/Dramaturgical Fellowship at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton (Renaissance, drama) 


Research Library Position:

Curator of Special Collections, Carnegie Mellon University (Renaissance).




Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

University of South Carolina (African American literature and culture)

University of Iowa (Medieval and Renaissance literature)

Baylor University, Texas (British and World Modernisms)

University of Denver (Creative writing and Poetry/Poetics)

Goshen College, Indiana (Poetry and Media Studies).


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

College of Wooster, Ohio (Renaissance literature)

Grinnell College, Iowa (Medieval literature)

Loyola University, Maryland. (American literature/African American literature)


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

2 year Mellon/ACLS Public Fellowship as Associate Editor at Public Books,

2 two year fellowship University of Utah (Black Atlantic studies)

2 year fellowship Bucknell University (Digital Humanities)

1 year Shannon fellowship UVA (Modern and Contemporary drama)

2 year Mellon fellowship McGill University (Medieval literature)


Other Academic Position:

Managing editor, Studies in Romanticism, Boston University.


Beyond Academia:

Consultancy with Deloitte in DC (x 2)

Consultancy with Bain and Company in DC





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Bowdoin College (American literature)

Clemson University (African American literature)

University of St. Francis, IL (Modern and Contemporary American)

Wilkes University, PA (post-colonial literature/digital humanities)

Simmons University (Global Anglophone literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

Colorado College (Renaissance and Medieval literature)

University of Maryland (Digital Studies)

Colby College (18th century literature)

James Madison University (Composition and Rhetoric/Modernisms)

Furman University (20th/21st century poetry/poetry-writing)


Non Tenure Track positions:

3 year renewable Asst. Professor Educator Univ. of Cincinnati (Rhetoric and Composition/Victorian)

Georgetown University Law School (Assistant Director of the Center for Legal English/Adjunct Professor of Law)


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Inst. of Technology (Rhetoric and Composition/Media Studies/ Modern and Contemporary American literature)

Shannon Fellowship UVA   (18th century transatlantic literature)





Tenure track Assistant Professorships:

Williams College (African American literature)

Connecticut College (Postcolonial Global literature)

Salisbury University, MD (Environmental Humanities)

Middle Tennessee State U (Contemporary American literature/popular culture)

Franciscan University (Medieval literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorship:

Washington and Lee  (Modern and Contemporary literature/Digital Humanities/Media studies)


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Emory Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (19th century British literature, poetics)

UVA Shannon Fellowship (Modern and Contemporary literature and global Anglophone)


Other Academic Position:

Head of Graduate Programs in the UVA Scholars’ Lab (Digital Humanities, Modernism)





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

College of the Holy Cross, MA (Modern/Contemporary literature)

Fisk University (18th and 19th century literature/children’s literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

Beloit College, WI (19th Century American literature)

Connecticut College (Postcolonial and Global literature)

Washington and Lee University (Modern/Contemporary literature and Digital Humanities)


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

North Carolina State University (Medieval literature)

Brandeis (18th Century literature)

University of Pittsburgh (Medieval and Renaissance literature)

UVA Shannon Fellowship (Medieval literature)


Other Academic Positions:

Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, UVA  (Renaissance Literature./Rhetoric and Composition)

Associate Director and Curator of Collections, University of Virginia Rare Book School (19th Century British Literature)





Tenure-Track Assistant Professorships:

Coe College  (Contemporary Anglophone literature)

Bucknell University (Contemporary and Multi-ethnic American literature)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Contemporary African-American literature)

Millsaps College (Victorian literature)

University of Arizona (20th Century American literature)

Dickinson College (Medieval literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

Macalester College (Modern/Contemporary Anglo-American literature)

Macalester College  (19th Century American literature)

Connecticut College (Global Anglophone literature)  


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

University of Virginia (Global Studies)

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Bowdoin College. (Contemporary/Global literature)

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Inst. of Technology (Modern and Contemporary American literature/Composition and Rhetoric)



University of Virginia COLA program (18th century literature)

University of Southern California (Renaissance literature/Composition and Rhetoric)   

University of Michigan Transitions Program (Composition and Rhetoric)  





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Presbyterian College, SC (African American literature)

Virginia Military Institute (American literature)  

Indiana University Northwest (British Modernism) .

SUNY New Paltz (Victorian literature and Digital Humanities),.

University of Colorado, Boulder  (18th and 19th century American literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

NYU (Renaissance literature)

Bowdoin College (Global Anglophone literature)

University of Arizona (Modernism)

Rollins College (Victorian literature)


Post-doctoral Fellowships:

UVA Shannon Fellowship (Victorian literature)

Georgia Tech, Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship (Modernism/Rhetoric and Composition)  

Columbia University


Preparatory School English Positions:

Severn School, MD

Wooster School, Danbury, Connecticut

McDonough School, Baltimore, MD





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Towson State University, MD (Renaissance literature)

North Carolina State University (Victorian literature)

Clemson University (Global Lyric)

University of Notre Dame (African Anglophone literature)

Erskine College (20th Century American literature)

St. Norbert College (Renaissance literature, Expository Writing)

North Carolina State University (Renaissance literature)

Bowdoin College (Medieval literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

Franklin and Marshall College (20th Century American literature)  

University of Arizona (20th Century American literature)

Skidmore College (19th Century American literature)  



Princeton University Writing Program (Modernism)

University of New Hampshire (Renaissance literature)

University of Tennessee-Knoxville (19th century American literature)


Post-doctoral Fellowships:

University of Virginia Edgar Shannon Fellowship (Modernism)





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Wichita State University (Shakespeare and Early Modern British literature) 

Northeastern University (19th century American literature and Digital Humanities) 

University of Arkansas   (African American literature

Syracuse University  (British 20th century literature) 

Clemson University (Digital Humanities and Global Modernism)

University of Dayton (Postcolonial literature & theory) 

Bronx Community College (Composition and American literature)

Erskine College, S.C. (Medieval literature) 

Oregon State University (20th century American literature and Women’s Studies) 

Erskine College, S.C. (British and world modernisms) 

Florida State University, Tallahassee (modern and contemporary British, postcolonial & Anglophone literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorships:

Hampshire College, Mass. (Africana Studies)

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass (Renaissance literature)

College of William and Mary (Renaissance literature)

Alma College, Michigan (colonial and 19th Century American literature)

Director of the Writing Center, Alma College, Michigan


Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professorship (renewable):

Concordia College NY (Medieval literature/core liberal arts program)


Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

Folger Shakespeare Library (Renaissance literature) 

Edgar Shannon Fellowship UVA (Victorian literature) 

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (African American literature, cultural geography of the South, environmental humanities)

University of Notre Dame (postcolonial African and African diaspora literature)


Academic Library Position:

Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Columbia University (digital humanities, postcolonialism) 





Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

Hillsdale College (Medieval literature)

Bowling Green State University (creative writing, poetry and poetics, and 20th century American literature) 

Flagler College (19th and 20th century American literature)

Oregon State University (American literature/Literature and Science)

University of Kentucky (18th century literature)

University of Kentucky (Victorian literature)

Ball State University (early American literature)


Non tenure track positions:

Visiting assistant professorship (renewable), Washington and Jefferson College, PA. (Victorian literature)

Lecturer, Brown University Non-Fiction Writing Program (Modern and Contemporary Literature)

TRP Lecturer/Assistant Director of Transition Program (UVA)

Instructor (renewable) in English Editing, Writing & Media; and History of Text Technologies, Florida State University (Renaissance literature)


Post Doctoral Fellowships:

American Academy of Arts and Sciences,  Cambridge, MA (19th century American literature/African American literature)

Shannon Fellowship University of Virginia  (Victorian literature)

ACLS New Faculty postdoctoral Fellowship at University of California Santa Barbara (U.S. and multi-ethnic literature) 



ACADEMIC YEAR  2009-2010


Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:


Mount St Mary’s University, MD (Medieval literature)                            

University of Nebraska (Victorian literature)                                 

St Norbert College (Director of Writing Across the Curriculum Program/American literature)

University of Pittsburgh (Medieval literature and Culture)

Ithaca College (Modern British literature)   

Univ. of Alabama (Honors Program) (Renaissance literature)      


Assistant Professorship, General Faculty, but with expectation of renewal and Promotion:

University of North Carolina School of the Arts (African-American literature)


Visiting Assistant Professorship:

Macalester College (20th  Century American literature.)


Full Time Renewable non-tenure track Assistant Professorships and Lectureships:

Virginia Commonwealth University Assistant Professor (Research Writing/Humanities/Modernism)

Virginia Commonwealth University Instructor in Research Writing    

Boston University Lecturer in College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program (Modern/Contemporary American literature)


Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Edgar Shannon Fellowship, University of Virginia (Victorian literature)


Other Academic Positions:

Assistant Editor for The New Oxford Shakespeare. Indiana University-Purdue (Renaissance literature)

Univ. of Michigan Graduate Library, Subject Specialist in British and American history, American literature, and American culture (Victorian literature)    



ACADEMIC YEAR  2008-2009


Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

California State University, Los Angeles (Genders & Sexualities/Modernism)

United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs (American literature)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute  (Modern American literature, Film, and Media)

Florida State University, History of Text Technologies Program & English Department (Victorian Studies and Digital Humanities)

Wheaton College, Illinois (Victorian literature)  

Wake Forest University (Postcolonial literature)

Auburn University (Literature and Culture of the American South)

Swarthmore College  (Renaissance literature)

Virginia Commonwealth University (British and transatlantic 18th century literature)

University of the South, Sewanee (British Modernism, Poetry)


Tenure Track Assistant Professorships:

American University (Renaissance literature)

Wake Forest University (American Literature)


Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Edgar Shannon Fellowship UVA (Victorian literature)


Other Academic Position:

Assistant Head for Faculty and Academic Affairs of the Washington Latin School (Renaissance literature)