Here are several general guidelines students should keep in mind when considering courses in English. In addition to the English department website, you may also want to use Lou’s List to search for courses in English (as well as all other departments at UVA).



  • While there is no single prerequisite for declaring a major in English, the Director of Undergraduate Studies recommends that students take an ENLT course as an introduction to department and its expectations. You may declare the major while enrolled in an ENLT (but must earn at least a C in that course). ENLT credit will be counted towards the major as elective credit. Students who haven't taken an ENLT may also declare an English major after enrolling in two 3000-level courses.

  • The English department will accept one course in the literature of another language (in the original or in translation) for 3 of the required 30 semester hours. Such courses may NOT be used simultaneously to satisfy the requirement that two of your courses be taken from within our ENMD or ENRN or ENEC offerings. (You cannot, for example, use a course on Dante's Inferno as an ENMD equivalent.)

  • You should know that it is department policy to officially drop enrolled students from the roster if they fail to show up on the first day of class.  The only exceptions will be for those who have contacted the professor ahead of time and received permission to miss the first day.

  • Themes for ALL of the academic writing courses (ENWR 1505, 1506, 1510, 2510 and 2520) may be found on the Academic and Professional Writing website.

Graduates and Undergraduates

Courses may be subject to change. We do not guarantee that the course offerings will remain the same. Check the course descriptions again prior to pre- and final registration.