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Main Office

Bryan Hall 219

P.O. Box 400121
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4121

Phone: 434-924-7105

Fax: 434-924-1478



Chair's Office:

Stephen Arata Chair                                                                         Bryan Hall 202      434-924-6615
Jennifer Greeson Associate Chair Bryan Hall 230 434-243-1585
Stacey Trader Administrative Supervisor Bryan Hall 202 434-924-6608
Sarah Arrington Financial Assistant Bryan Hall 202A 434-924-7071
Colette Dabney Central Office Administrator Bryan Hall 236-B 434-924-6610

Creative Writing Program:

Lisa Russ Spaar

Director of Creative Writing                                        Bryan Hall 405 434-243-8607
Jeb Livingood Associate Director of Creative Writing Bryan Hall 422-B 434-924-6675
Barbara Moriarty Administrative Assistant, Creative Writing Bryan Hall 422-A 434-924-6074

Graduate Admissions and Placement:

Andrew Stauffer Director of Graduate Admissions                               Bryan Hall 106 434-924-7530
Clare Kinney Director of Graduate Placement Bryan Hall 435 434-924-6638

Graduate Program:

Victoria Olwell Director of Graduate Studies                                            Bryan Hall 414 434-924-6803
Randy Swift Graduate Administrator Bryan Hall 236-D 434-924-6636

Undergraduate Program:

Mrinalini Chakravorty Director of Undergraduate Studies                        Bryan Hall 416 434-924-6666
Carl Stukenborg Undergraduate Administrator Bryan Hall 236-C 434-924-7887

Academic and Professional Writing:

James Seitz Director of Academic and Professional Writing Bryan Hall 322 434-924-6614
Keith Driver Associate Director of Academic and Professional Writing Bryan Hall 322 434-924-6671

The Writing Center:

Claire Chantell Director of the Writing Center                                        Bryan Hall 234 434-924-3815
Marcus Meade Assistant Director of the Writing Center Bryan Hall 314