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I did my undergraduate work at The Ohio State University (BA ’18), where I trained in narratology with faculty in OSU’s Project Narrative. Since coming to UVA, I've devoted most of my research to British and American poetry from the Romantic period to the present; in particular, I study how poets roughly since William Blake have dealt with the representation of character, event, and other phenomena more commonly associated with prosaic than poetical forms.


I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at the University of Virginia, where I study the novel with a special emphasis on British fiction from the 1680s to the 1890s. I am most interested in literature as a means of social imagination—as a set of tools with which we make sense of ourselves as at the same time discrete individuals and members of a wider collective world.


I study and write on nineteenth-century English literature, bibliography, and book history. My dissertation-in-progress looks at the ideologies of work shaping Victorian literature across genres like the labor novel, the female Bildungsroman, and utopian fiction.


I am interested in early modern drama and literature and, more specifically, the interplay between the print and theater industries in early modern England. My research focuses on the the different business models used by the increasingly commercial print and theater industries and their dramatists and the representation of self-interest and greed in early modern drama. My research incorporates economic history, book history, and theater history to analyze Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson, and Middleton and the economics of early modern theater.


Courtney is a medievalist interested in the medieval romance. She was a Medieval Colloquium representative from 2019-2021 and received an All-University Graduate Teaching Award in 2021. Courtney's work explores how medieval romances use topoi to experiment with kinde, medieval notions of nature and identity.


PhD Candidate in English, University of Virginia
MA in Poetry and Poetics, University of York
BA in English, Stanford University


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