Concentration in Teaching Literature and Writing

Designed to prepare students for teaching careers either in independent schools or at the post-secondary level, the MA with a Concentration in Teaching Literature and Writing unites the study of literature with the study of pedagogy, while providing training and experience in teaching. The concentration takes two years to complete. Students take courses in literature, theory, criticism, and pedagogy in the first year. In the second year they continue their studies of literature and pedagogy while serving as writing instructors or teaching assistants for literature courses. Also in the second year, students culminate their work in the program with a thesis, composed in the spring semester, focused on an aspect of literary or writing pedagogy.

In the second year of the program and in compensation for their service as teachers, students receive full tuition support, payment of university fees, one-person health insurance coverage, and wages.

Program Requirements: In addition to the typical requirements of the MA in English, students take at least one course in literary pedagogy (ENPG 5400 or an equivalent) and at least one course in writing pedagogy (ENPG 8800, taken during the first semester of their second year).

Typical Enrollment and Teaching Pattern:

First Year

Fall:     ENCR 8100: Intro to Research Methods 

           3 additional  graduate English courses                                                           

Spring:   1 Course in Literary Pedagogy

               2 additional graduate English courses

Second Year:

Fall:     ENPG 8800: Writing Pedagogy                  

            1 additional Graduate English Course                                           

            Teaching assignment: 1 section of ENWR or 1 Literature Discussion Section                                                              


Spring: Thesis (ENGL 8998)

             Optional additional Graduate English Course

            Teaching assignment: 1 section of ENWR or 1 Literature Discussion Section

For further information, please contact the Director of Admissions, Andrew Stauffer.