Graduate Student


My research centers the theory and history of the nineteenth-century British novel: most recently, the ways midcentury novels change at the hands of earlier-century lyric forms. I’m increasingly drawn to the interstices of realism, the everyday, and address, but at the heart of my work is a sustained preoccupation with aesthetic forms and their collisions over time. I am currently completing my Ph.D. in English Language & Literature at the University of Virginia (expected graduation 2023), and I received my B.A.


Stephen Hager received his B.A. in English from Emory University (summa cum laude). Prior to entering UVA as a PhD candidate, he worked in sales and business development at Groupon and LinkedIn. His dissertation explores the connection between late literary modernism and early sound cinema in works by Virginia Woolf, Henry Green, William Wyler, and Gregg Toland.


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