Carmen Lamas wins MLA Prize in U.S. Latina & Latino and Chicana & Chicano Literary and Cultural Studies

December 6, 2023

From the Press Release from the MLA:

In The Latino Continuum and the Nineteenth-Century Americas: Literature, Translation, and Historiography, Carmen E. Lamas treats the emergence of Latina/o literature in the 1800s as a literary and historical formation that decenters and reorients both US and Latin American cultural formations, fundamentally reconfiguring our understanding of the literary history of the American continent. Lamas recovers a continuum of latinidad that is neither confined to North America or South America nor wholly the purview of the past or present. In doing so, she places under scrutiny how the story of Ameěrica has been written and narrated: which sources are chosen, how these sources are interpreted, and whose voices are heard. Lamas challenges us to reconsider which American futures have been imagined or foreclosed and to envision not only new pasts but also new futures.

Full press release here.