Andie Waterman headshot

Andie Waterman

PhD Candidate in English, University of Virginia
MA in Poetry and Poetics, University of York
BA in English, Stanford University
In my PhD dissertation “I.A. Richards: Nexus of Modernity, 1918-1960,” I reevaluate the ideas of the literary theorist, educator, and public intellectual I.A. Richards in historical terms, specifically in relation to literary Modernism and the legacy of Romanticism; Cambridge secular humanism; and the shifting foundations of 20 th -century science (specifically neurophysiology and physics). I also consider Richards’s investment in East Asian philosophy in relation to his aesthetics and his social and ethical commitments. I aim to uncover what unites the varied threads of Richards’s intellectual capaciousness – the transcultural and interdisciplinary dimensions of his thought – and to relate this unity (or unities) to his historical moment.
2022-23 Buckner W. Clay Fellow of the UVa Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures (IHGC). Award supported dissertation-related research at the I.A. Richards Collection at the University of Miami’s Special Collections.
2022 UVa English Department grant supported dissertation-related research at the I.A. Richards Collection at Magdalene College Old Library, Cambridge University.
Poetics of Faith Conference, University of York. Presentation: “Science and the Poetry of Belief: Rediscovering Dante through the Lens of I.A. Richards,” January 13, 2018.
Modernism, poetry and poetics, interdisciplinarity, global literary studies, history of literary criticism, bibliography and textual criticism