Connie Chic Smith

201 E Monroe Hall

B.A., Albertus Magnus College
M.A., Georgetown University
Ph.D., Howard University
I’m a strategist who enjoys studying human behavior through the lens of communication. My research interests are in Communication/Rhetoric, Culture, & Women’s Studies. My doctoral research examined the use of African American English Vernacular in mainstream discourse by those outside of the African American community. I am always intrigued by the messages people send and the dynamics at play that create those messages. My work in Washington, DC in politics and various federal agencies/initiatives, served as a wonderful foundation for examining messages from various ideological viewpoints. As co-founder and Vice President of Urban Think Tank Institute, the nation’s first think tank developed by and for members of the hip hop community, I enjoyed connecting generations and communities on the significance of politics and policy making. I am a member of the National Communication Association, American Popular Culture Association, & Rhetorical Society of America.
I teach courses on Rhetoric and encourage students to examine the socio-political and cultural aspects of a message. I look forward to working with students as they create their unique plans for success.