Chandler Jennings headshots

Chandler Jennings

Chandler is an M.A. student in the Teaching Concentration and the Concentration in World Religion, World Literatures. His research is at the intersection of contemporary race and religion, touching on Black ontology, biopolitics, postsecular studies, and political theology. Chandler's MA thesis explores critiques of public schooling by Black independent schools, children's rights activists, and ultraconservative Christian homeschoolers. His work seeks to uncover unexpected alliances, theoretical similarities, and shared critiques across these groups while also attending carefully to the important differences. This project remains open to the possibility of productively engaging with systems of thought we find morally abhorrent as a way of explicitly working towards more just forms of life. He is also interested in tabletop games studies, especially in ways that analog games might enable experiences of political agency that move beyond the table and into the real world. He received his B.A. in English from Pomona College in 2014.