Molly Kathryn Kluever

I’m a PhD student focusing primarily on the theological contexts of medieval literature; more specifically, I’m fascinated by the ways in which medieval authors engaged with the theological controversies of their time. For instance, my current project deals with Chaucer’s interaction with and incorporation of early Wycliffite/Lollard reform movement of the late 14th century into The Canterbury Tales. Other research interests of mine include St. Thomas Aquinas and scholasticism, vernacularity, bibliography, and textual/scholarly editing.
Kluever, Molly. “‘What is that to you?’: The Johannine Community’s Beloved Disciple.” Obsculta 13 (2020): 160-173.
Kluever, Molly. “Saint Patrick: A Hagiographical Study.” Obsculta 12 (2019): 116-126.