Madeline Zehnder


American literature to 1865, material culture

My research interests sit at the intersection of literature, material culture, and bibliography. I am currently completing a dissertation titled “Companion Forms: Portable Objects and the Intimacies of Circulation in Nineteenth-Century America.” An article adapted from this project, on the miniature portrait in Victor Séjour's sketch "Le Mulâtre," appears in American Literature. My writing has also been published in American Literary History and New Literary History, as well as in popular magazines including History Today. Together with Neal D. Curtis and Samuel V. Lemley, I co-edit the Rotunda Library Online, an open-access, searchable database of every book shelved in the University of Virginia’s Rotunda Library when it opened in 1826. As an instructor, I have taught or TA'ed courses in writing, early American literature, American Studies, and the second half of the Literatures in English survey (1800-present).