Matthew Davis

Assistant Professor, General Faculty

Bryan 411

Office Hours: TU TH 11:00 to 1:00.
Class Schedule: MW 2:00-3:15; Tu/Th 8:00-9:15, 9:30-10:45

Recent Articles

  • “Head Over Heels for Eve: An Interpretation of Robert Frost’s ‘Never Again Would Birds’ Song Be the Same’,” forthcoming in Literary Imagination.
  • “Consignment in Hardy’s ‘The Impercipient’,” The Hardy Society Journal 13.2 (Summer 2017): 93-97.
  • "Lydiat's Life: A Note on The Vanity of Human Wishes," Johnsonian News Letter 68.1 (2017): 24-29.
  • "The Memes of a Lexicographer," Johnsonian News Letter 67.2 (2016): 22-24.
  • "Denying that the Sun Makes the Day: An Allusion to Fontenelle's Histoire des Oracles in Taxation No Tyranny," Johnsonian News Letter 67.2 (2016): 38-42.
  • My Master Calls Me: Authority and Loyalty in King Lear,”  forthcoming in Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature.
  • “Samuel Johnson and the Allen Family,” forthcoming in Age of Johnson.
  • "Johnson and Jones of Nayland," Johnsonian News Letter 64.2 (September 2013): 11-16.
  • “Oxford Oath-Taking: The Evidence from Thomas Hearne’s Diaries,” Age of Johnson 22 (2012): 169-189.
  • "The Family Background of Francis Stewart: Some New Findings," Johnsonian News Letter 59.2 (September 2008): 38-52.
  • “Johnson, Genre, and Lycidas,” in Approaches to Teaching the Shorter Works of John Milton (2007): 171-174.
  • “Ask for the Old Paths: Samuel Johnson and the Usages Debate,” Age of Johnson 17 (2006): 17-68. (Reprinted, 2012.)
  • “The Laconic Response: Spartan and Athenian Mindsets in Robert Frost's 'Mending Wall'," Literary Imagination 7.3 (2005): 289-305.
  • "Elevated Notions of the Right of Kings: Stuart Sympathies in Johnson's Notes on Richard II." Samuel Johnson in Historical Context, ed. H. Erskine-Hill and J. C. D. Clark (2002).
  • "The Most Fatal of All Faults: Samuel Johnson on Prior's Solomon and the Need for Variety." Papers on Language and Literature 33.4 (1997): 422-437. (Reprinted, 1999.)