Paul Cantor

Paul Cantor

Clifton Waller Barrett Professor

134 Bryan Hall

Office Hours: By appointment via e-mail.
Class Schedule: MW 3:30 - 4:45 TR 3:30-4:45

Comparative Literature, Renaissance, Romanticism


  • Ph.D. Harvard, 1971
  • A.B. Harvard, 1966


Selected Articles

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  • Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers (Shakespeare and Politics), 1987, 1989
  • NEH Visiting Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Davidson College, 1987-1988
  • National Council on the Humanities, 1992-1999
  • Ludwig von Mises Prize for Scholarship in Austrian School Economics, 1992
  • American Political Science Association, Award for Best Paper in Politics and Literature Section, 1998 Convention
  • Gilligan Unbound chosen as one of the Best Non-Fiction Books of 2001 by the Los Angeles Times
  • Visiting Professor of Government, Harvard University, Fall 2007, Fall 2012, Spring 2015