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Patricia Suzanne Sullivan

Associate Professor, General Faculty

222 Bryan Hall

Office Hours: Fall 2023 office hours: In-person, Tue./Thu. 5:00-6:30 in 222 Bryan Hall. Other days and times and online (Zoom) by appointment.
Class Schedule: Tue./Thu. 11:00-12:15, 2:00-3:15, 3:30-4:45


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2002
M.F.A University of Pittsburgh,1996
B.A. Southern Connecticut State University, 1993


Composition pedagogies and theories, writing and digital technologies, avant-garde aesthetics, classical rhetoric



  • “Developmental Networks for Novice College Writing Instructors.” (with C. Paine and J. Seitz) In Dominguez, N. & Gandert, Y. (Eds.). 7th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Developmental Networks: Mentoring & Coaching at Work. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico. 2014.  
  • “Commonsense and Theory in the Teaching of Composition Teachers.” College Composition and Communication. (December 2008).
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Creative Writing

  • “Light Repeating or Illumination” (poem). Zone3 12.1 (Fall/Winter 1997): 51.  
  • “Waiting for Results” (poem). West Branch 39/40 (1997): 98.
  • “Notes for Future Tenants” (fiction). The Sun: A Magazine of Ideas 249 (September 1996): 33-37.
  • “New Haven Tsunami” (fiction). Slur 2.1 (1995): 37-40.

Select presentations

  • “The Literate Subject (and Some Objects) in Action.”  Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA. 2019
  • “Writing with Posthumanist Aesthetics: Teaching Transactions for Transforming Texts.” Modern Language Association Conference. Chicago, IL. 2019
  • “Practices for Exploring the Unknown: Fostering Intellectual Curiosity with Digital Tools.” Innovations in Pedagogy Summit. Center for Teaching Excellence. University of Virginia. May 3, 2017. Charlottesville, VA. Organizer. Presented with Steph Ceraso, Kelli Shermeyer, James Ascher, and Kerri Reichhardt. 2017
  • "Asked and Answered: Teaching Inquiry and the Rhetorics of Critique and Assertion.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. March 2017. Portland, Oregon.
  • “Writing: A Digital Humanity.” Invited talk. “Day of Digital Humanities,” Washington and Lee University. August 31,2016. Lexington, VA.
  • “Multimedia Essay Writing.” Invited talk. Monticello Reading Council, Central Virginia Writing Project, UVa Young Writer’s Workshop and the Curry School Ed Council Present a Conference:Beyond Tradition: Reconsidering Writing Instruction and Student Writers. Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. 2015
  • “Cybernetic Developmental Networks with Writing Teachers.” Developmental Networks for Novice College Writing Teachers. Charles Paine, Patricia Sullivan, and James Seitz. University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference. Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • “Programs, Systems, and Circles: Shared Writing Program Administration.” Countering Contingency Conference. Adjunct Faculty Association, United Steelworkers. Pittsburgh, PA. 2013.
  • "Posthuman, Postprint, Postpublic, Postportfolio? Electronic Portfolios and Multimodal Composition in Theory and Practice.” 2012 College Conference on Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO.
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  • “Can Sensus Communis be Regenerated? Vico’s Challenge to Aristotle’s Rhetoric.” 2006 National Communication Association Convention: Chicago, IL.
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  • “Renewing English Studies by Revising Sensus Communis through Rhetorical Education: The New Humanities of Kurt Spellmeyer and the Study Methods of Giambattista Vico.” English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities Conference. California University of Pennsylvania: California, PA. 2004.
  • “Speaking of Writing . . .” Teaching Excellence Fair. University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA. 2003.
  • “Re-arranging Public Texts: Student Collages.” 2002 Conference on College Composition and Communication: Chicago, IL.  
  • “The Pleasure of Rhetoric: Plato’s Gorgias and Aristotle’s Rhetoric.” International Society for Greek Philosophy. Conference on Greek Philosophy and Communication: Rhodes, Greece. 2001.   
  • “Form and Re-Form in Composition: The Lure of Teaching Experimental Writing.” 2001 Conference on College Composition and Communication: Denver, CO.  
  • “Re-Imagining Teacher Mentoring and Student Writing.” 2000 Conference on College Composition and Communication: Minneapolis, MN.  
  • “Aesthetic Appearance in the Ideal States of Plato and Schiller.” International Society for Greek Philosophy. Conference on Greek Philosophy and the Fine Arts: Mythimna, Greece. 1999.
  • “Experience is Not the Only Knowledge: Student Commonplace Books and Writing Assignments.” 1999 Conference on College Composition and Communication: Atlanta, GA.  
  • “Literacies and Pedagogies for ‘Producing’ Writing: (What to do With Jenny Holzer).” Pedagogy and Literacy Conference: Pittsburgh, PA. 1998.


  • Arts and Sciences Learning Technology & Design Grant, $22,500.  “Electronic Portfolios in Writing Pedagogy: Process and Product.” 2016
  • Learning Technology Incubator Grant, College of Arts and Sciences. University of Virginia. 2015.
  • College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Circle grant. Writing Program Teaching Network, a network of experienced and new teachers that I proposed, coordinated and supervised. Northeastern University. 2006.
  • Innovation in Education Award, Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence, University of Pittsburgh. “Integrating Oral and Writing Skills" project (with Dr. John Poulakos, Department of Communication). 2002.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, Department of English. University of Pittsburgh. 2002.

Sample of graduate and undergraduate courses taught

  • Faculty Seminar: The Teaching of Writing, co-taught with Jim Seitz
  • Graduate courses: Writing Pedagogy; Seminar in Writing and the Teaching of Writing; Topics in Writing: Aesthetics, Politics and Pedagogies; Key Concepts in Rhetoric and Composition; Intro. to Rhetoric [Center for the Liberal Arts at UVA]
  • Undergraduate courses: Advanced Writing: The Photographic Essay; Advanced Writing: Writing as Technology: Echols Scholars; Special Topics: Writing Digital Stories and Electronic Essays; Tutoring Peer Writers: Introduction to Academic Writing: Writing and Technology; The Writing Process; Junior/Senior Seminar: Rhetoric and Aesthetics: Studies in Fiction: Science Fiction; Introduction to Diverse Literatures of the U.S.; Literary and the Contemporary; The Uses of Literacy