Stephen Arata


442 Bryan Hall

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00-4:30. Tuesdays on zoom (email sda2e for link), Fridays in person.
Class Schedule: MW 3:30-4:45, 5:00-6:15

19th C British, 20th C British, Modernism, History and Theory of the Novel


  • Ph.D. Chicago 1990
  • M.A. William & Mary 1984
  • B.A. William & Mary 1980


Edited Works

Forthcoming Works

  • The New Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (General Co-Editor with Richard Dury, Penny Fielding, and Anthony Mandal), 39 volumes, Edinburgh University Press (Editor). Five volumes published, three due in 2019-20.
  • A History of the English Novel (Blackwell, forthcoming)

Recent Articles

  • "Form," Victorian Literature and Culture 46:3-4 (Fall/Winter 2018).
  • "Literature and Information," PMLA 130.3 (May 2015): 673-678
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  • "Oscar Wilde and Jesus Christ," in Wilde Writings, Contextual Conditions, ed. Joseph Bristow (University of Toronto Press, (2002): 254-72.

Selected Recent Lectures and Conferences

  • “Decadent Form,” Keynote Address, Victorian Studies Association of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario), April 2014.
  • “Some Versions of Form,” Invited Lecture, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL), April 2014.
  • “The Modernity of the 1880s,” Keynote Address, Symposium on “British Writing in the 1880s: Literary History’s Uncertain Decade,” University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland), March 2012.
  • “Decadent Form,” Keynote Address, Conference on “Decadent Poetics” organized by the Centre for Victorian Studies, University of Exeter (Exeter, UK), July 2011.
  • “Printed Talk: Close Reading ‘Of King’s Treasuries’,” North American Victorian Studies Association Conference (Montreal, Quebec), November 2010.
  • “Realism, Limited,” Conference on “The Novel and Its Borders” organized by The Centre for the Novel (Aberdeen, Scotland), July 2008.
  • “The Impersonal Intimacy of Marius the Epicurean,” Modern Language Association Convention (Chicago, IL), December 2007.
  • “Singing Fire: Walter Pater and the Secrets of Consciousness,” Victorians Institute Conference (Tuscaloosa, AL), November 2007.
  • “Imperial Aestheticism,” Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Nation and Identity in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Literature in English, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Murcia, Spain), September 2007.
  • “Hard, Gem-like Flames,” North American Victorian Studies Association Conference (Toronto, ON), October 2004.