Graduate Student


My research and academic interests span American literature and culture of the mid-nineteenth century to the early-twentieth century. I’m particularly interested in intersections between American and Russian literatures, spaces, and people, and I usually engage these literary and geographic intersections through transnational, eco-materialist, and archipelagic frameworks.


Arselyne Chery is a first-year Ph.D. student in the English Department. She is also an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow in the Caribbean Literatures, Arts, and Cultures research cluster at UVA. In 2021, she earned her B.A. in American Studies with honors, along with a concentration in Africana Studies, from Williams College where she was an Allison Davis Research Fellow.


On Research: I am a doctoral candidate in the English department at the University of Virginia. My dissertation centers on historical recovery as an impulse within African American literature, especially regarding how Black writers address and attempt to rectify the power imbalance that stems from a historical record that misrepresents and elides Black life and Black subjectivity.


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